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Welcome to a city immortalised by the biggest names in painting, bequeathed a sulphurous reputation by the world’s most famous authors, and whose beauty and freedom have entranced all those lucky enough to have passed through it. It was the “dream city” according to Paul Bowles, the subject of Fenêtre à Tanger, Porte de la Casbah and Vue sur la baie de Tanger by Henri Matisse, and home to William S. Burroughs’ as he wrote Festin Nu with the help of Jack Kerouac. And the list of illustrious former residents does not end there: Eugène Delacroix, Francis Bacon, Mohamed Choukri, Ahmed Yacoubi, Jean Genet, Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote all once made it their place of residence. A sea port nestling between the Rif hills and the Strait of Gibraltar, and Morocco’s second city in terms of trade, Tangier is the setting for a unique collection of properties with exceptional facilities, proudly presented to you by Emile Garcin. This array of luxury real estate includes delightfully restored Moroccan-style abodes, charming houses in the medina renovated by international architects, tree-filled terraces with views over the Bay of Tangier, equipped kitchens, indoor swimming pools and hammams. Come and discover these sumptuous villas and houses for sale in Tangier, proudly made available by Emile Garcin.

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