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Emile Garcin

Emile Garcin Paris Rive Gauche

Having traditionally inhabited the Drouot on the Right Bank, Parisian antique dealers progressively migrated south to set up shop in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a neighbourhood whose dynamic creative and intellectual spirit better suited their objects of all styles and from all ages. It is at the heart of the antique district, an area possessing both an aristocratic elegance and a bohemian spirit, that you will find Emile Garcin Paris Rive Gauche. From the gentle inclines of Montagne Sainte-Geneviève to the domed silhouette of the Panthéon, from the historic Sorbonne to the bustling neighbourhood of Odéon, when on the Left Bank one is never far from a reminder of the area’s intellectual and academic heritage. Whether in the chic districts of Invalides and Yves Saint-Laurent’s beloved Avenue de Breteuil, around the magnificent Luxembourg Garden or the cinemas of Saint-Michel, Emile Garcin will introduce you to unique properties with exclusive facilities. Think reception apartments with entry galleries and double-exposition lounges with views out to the Hôtel des Invalides; town mansions with private gardens overlooking the Champs de Mars; charming duplex apartments in the vicinity of the Saint-Germain Church; or even 19th century artist’s studios boasting conservatories and floral terraces. With such a wealth of luxury real estate, this world-renowned area of Paris offers something for everyone seeking to acquire their own small part of this mythical city.

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