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Overlooked by the delightful terraces of its trademark architecture, Toulouse offers an idyllic combination of economic and cultural dynamism. Yet the so-called Pink City is also blessed with a historical heritage that proudly displays in the form of its famous building bricks, first introduced by the Romans in the first century BC. And the rich history does not stop there: from the Pyrenees, with their snowy peaks and wooded foothills, to the vineyards and coastal paths of the Aude, this is an entire region that embraces its centuries-old past. It can be seen in the castles that date back to the 16th century wars of religion between Catholics and Protestants, or the more recent village castles built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Meanwhile, rural footpaths are dotted with pilgrims making their way to Santiago de Compostela, having stopped off at the nearby Saint-Sernin Basilica, Europe’s largest Roman monument and now a listed building. Located in Biarritz on the nearby Basque coast, Emile Garcin Toulouse is on-hand to offer you an exclusive range of stunning properties that nestle sweetly in this exceptional corner of France. Each one is individually chosen in accordance with Emile Garcin’s unique criteria for luxury real estate, and each one therefore is therefore bursting with character, charged with history and full of the finest facilities. Why wait any longer to discover this exceptional region and the very best real estate it has to offer?

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