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Whether it be for its Mediterranean climate (recognised as being the best and most temperate across the whole of the Iberian Peninsula), the beautiful sight of the River Tagus flowing into the ocean, or the stunning beaches lining its coastline, it is not hard to see why Byron nicknamed the region of Lisbon “Glorious Eden”. Nestling within the sensational surroundings of this genuine paradise on earth, Portugal’s capital will charm all five of your senses as soon as you lay eyes on it. From the splendour of its colourful facades, to the poetry of its tree-filled hillsides, the culture of the streets of Alfama that gave birth to the Fado, or the jubilance of the fiestas during summer nights: this is the perfect setting for Emile Garcin’s array of spectacular Portuguese properties. These include beautiful oceanside villas in Cascais with swimming pools and luxury facilities; superb properties on the banks of the Tagus, featuring vast living rooms adorned with authentic wood panelling; an ancient 17th century pavillion and its chapel, set within a succession of magnificent gardens and boasting breathtaking views out to the Sintra mountains; and finally, superb apartments in exclusive residences in the centre of Lisbon. Come and discover these unforgettable properties, the pride of Emile Garcin’s catalogue of luxury real estate.

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