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From the green of the oak woodlands, to white of the limestone soil; from the black of the depths of the forest, to the crimson of the autumn vines, Perigord, a region of a thousand natural and historic riches, is first and foremost a land of colours. Meadows, hills, valleys, vineyards, truffle patches, cliffs, streams, gorges and caves, medieval cities, countless listed villages, exceptional Palaeolithic sites including the world-famous Lascaux Caves, mouth-watering cuisine, and a fantastic array of sport and outdoor leisure activities: there is a never-ending list of strings to Périgord’s bow, making it the destination of choice every year for thousands of Anglo-Saxon tourists. Try it for yourself, and you will be unable to resist the authentic charms of the region, demonstrated beautifully in the array of wonderful properties that Emile Garcin has for sale in the Dordogne area. At any one time these may include a village house with stunning views, landscaped garden and swimming pool; a beautiful property with a garden dotted with fruit trees and other species of plants in one of the region’s many beautiful villages; a superb château with a sumptuous view over the Lot valley from among the ancient trees of its vast estate. This is what the luxury real estate experts at Emile Garcin pride themselves on, unique properties boasting high quality facilities located in one of the most beautiful regions of France.

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