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With its array of skyscrapers towering over white sandy beaches, its turquoise waters, its countless luxury villas lined up like pearls bordering an archipelago of islands, from Miami Beach to Key West, the city of Miami unfurls across a stunning and quite unique setting. An international metropolis, and a first class financial and cultural centre, Miami is also the world’s favourite seaside tourist destination, welcoming millions of tourists who flock every year to savour its tropical climate. Against this backdrop in the south of Florida, only a short distance from the famous regional parks of Biscayne and the Everglades, Emile Garcin is proud to present its collection of luxury North American real estate. From modern villas in a Balinese style, with sea views and easy access to the city centre, to superb apartments with panoramic views over the Biscayne coastline and the Miami skyline, our unique properties boast spacious rooms constructed with materials of the finest quality (marble and wooden flooring, tiled roofs), always accompanied by luxury facilities (vast terraces, infinity pools, jet ski departure points). They all form part of Emile Garcin’s collection of luxury real estate, which is bound to delight all those of you wishing to acquire your own piece of this paradise on earth.

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