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Famous for the turquoise waters of the Verdon River snaking along the bottom of its canyon, the Haute Provence region is a glittering array of plateaux, hills and valleys unfolding against a backdrop of outstanding natural beauty. A popular tourist destination thanks to its national parks, winter sports resorts, artificial lakes and world-renowned rock climbing sites, this is a truly magical area, boasting magnificent starry night skies that have attracted the attention of numerous European observatories. This region of unparalleled beauty is the setting for the specially-selected catalogue of luxury real estate offered by Emile Garcin. Come and discover a 13th century listed medieval château and its garden of olive trees, ponds and streams; a 19th century house nestling against the rocky landscape at the foot of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, surrounded by rare vegetation and exotic trees, including a superb sequoia; a stone farmhouse with a guest house overlooking Cotignac; or an 18th century residence formerly inhabited by the Forcalquier bishops with ponds, fountains, swimming pool, olive grove and vegetable garden. Perfectly in keeping with this magical region, Emile Garcin’s collection of luxury real estate offers you an array of unique properties with unforgettable features.

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