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Some say that Corsica owes its name to the son of Hercules, Cyrnos. Others insist that Cyrne meant “covered by forests” in the Phoenician language, and that it related as such to the first impressions of Phoenician sailors as they arrived at the island. From the highest extremes of its wooded, mountainous landscapes down to the origin of its name, Corsica is therefore shrouded with a mysterious and legendary beauty. Wild and unspoilt, surrounded by idyllic waters, Corsica is scattered with magnificent properties that emerge like pearls hidden among its vegetation, where the lingering scents of heather, lavender and rosemary blend in with the ancient landscape of olive trees, vines and forests of chestnut trees. This Mediterranean paradise serves as the backdrop for the properties that make up Emile Garcin’s catalogue of luxury real estate for sale in Corsica. At any given time, these may include an old granite building lovingly renovated by a renowned interior designer, or a modern villa perched on a hillside boasting the finest contemporary features, overlooked by one of the mythical Genoese Towers and with stunning views comprising shades of blue as far as the eye can see. Thanks to Emile Garcin, this heady mix of history and splendour is now within your reach.

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