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It is an understatement to say that history has left its mark on Charleston. The city was originally founded by French protestant colonisers in the 16th century on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast. Having passed into British hands during the 17th century, its economy – built around the use of slaves on local plantations – would go on to prosper and bequeath the region its unique colonial architecture. Later on, Charleston played an active role in the American Revolution and the Civil War. Nowadays a first class tourist destination, renowned for the beauty of its gardens and its refined architecture, Charleston exudes an old-fashioned charm that makes it the perfect setting for Emile Garcin’s collection of luxury real estate. From large listed buildings in the French quarter, to historic town houses and family seafront villas, these are exceptional properties constructed using period building materials, all in perfect condition. Their outstanding features include ornamental plasterwork, wood panelling, gleaming marble floors, parquet flooring, fireplaces and ostentatious Venetian blinds. Located among splendid public gardens, in a charming district with easy access to the city’s galleries and theatres, come and discover these typical South Carolina properties and savour the rich history of Charleston.

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