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Picture yourself standing on a hillside gazing upon the woodland plains below. The bell tower of an ancient church peeks up above the prestigious vineyards that surround it; the silhouette of a magnificent abbey towers above a green cloth of meadows; the delights of the countryside are slowly moving to the rhythm of the seasons. In this idyllic, ancient setting, imagine acquiring a restored hunting lodge and its outbuildings, a historic 19th century farmhouse or a renovated château. Welcome to Burgundy, a region that effortlessly blends tradition and modernity. Come and admire the open beams and French-style ceilings of a vast living room featuring period mouldings, stride down a magnificent driveway lined with age-old plane trees, explore an orchard, and go for a stroll around several hectares of English-style gardens. Then to relax, bathe in a heated swimming pool or unwind at the local golf course or equestrian centre, before heading back to the comfort of a library heated by a magnificent period fireplace. With the sublime luxury real estate for sale with Emile Garcin, these dreams of nature and history are all within your reach, in a region made effortlessly accessible thanks to its TGV railway and motorway connections.

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