Exclusive partnership with TAJAN - When real estate meet the art market
Publié le 03 March 2020

In addition to its luxury real estate activity, the Group Emile Garcin has decided to enrich its service offering by establishing an exclusive partnership with the famous auction house Tajan.

This association of historic houses will offer each month, in one of the Emile Garcin agencies, a meeting with the experts from both respective houses, for clients to have their collectibles graciously and confidentially assessed: works of art, books, jewelry, silverware, and real estate properties.

This partnership brings together two exceptional women Nathalie Garcin, CEO of the Emile Garcin group, and Rodica Seward, president of the auction house Tajan. Both, women of action managing their family business, have been able to adapt to current economic and international challenges. These two inseparable worlds of luxury real estate and art market could only unite and complement each other in the name of heritage.

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