Immobilier de luxe Ile Saint-Louis

A veritable oasis of calm located at the very centre of Paris, the Île Saint-Louis is shrouded by a mysterious and charming sense of discretion. Behind the anonymous interphones and valuable curtains adorning the windows, behind the walls in the winding streets garnished with ivy and foliage, live a select few local residents who are fully aware of the privilege they enjoy to live in one of the capital?s most exclusive areas. It is no wonder that illustrious figures such as Charles Beaudelaire and Georges Pompidou chose to call the Île Saint-Louis home. Hidden away in this timeless environment of restaurants, tea rooms and the boutiques on Rue Saint-Louis en l?Île, can be found the luxury real estate that makes up Emile Garcin?s Île Saint-Louis collection. Close your eyes and imagine an exclusive duplex apartment with circular entry hall and two spacious living rooms adorned with fireplaces and high ceilings; or a town mansion built by Louis XIV?s royal architect with a dining room overlooking the courtyard and south-facing living room; or an elegant top floor apartment in a cut stone building overlooking the Seine. You will understand by now that these are exclusive properties, offering you the unique experience of tasting life in one of the capital?s most coveted areas.