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From the charm of its historical districts, recognised as World Heritage of Humanity sites, to the magnificence of its world-renowned local cuisine and the vibrancy of a cultural life now boasting a series of established festivals, Lyon is a multi-dimensional city and currently one of Europe’s most fashionable urban destinations. A global city offering easy access to nature, the gateway to both the Alps and the south of France, Lyon is the perfect setting for Emile Garcin’s collection of luxury real estate. Come and discover sumptuous properties for sale in Lyon and its surrounding areas, including spacious family apartments made with materials of the highest quality. Alternatively, you will find unique opportunities such as a 13th century property on the outskirts of the city with typical French-style ceilings, period fireplaces and a vast garden; a modern eco-friendly property on the banks of the River Saône, boasting swimming pool, horse stables and private access to a towpath; or a restored château with panoramic views over a landscape dotted with the famous golden stone houses of the Beaujolais region. Located in such a unique and beautiful setting, these properties are the pride of the Emile Garcin collection.

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