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Wide tree-lined avenues punctuated by mythical cafés, narrow streets revealing hidden cinemas and book shops, sprawling French-style public gardens with children playing in front of period fountains… When people all around the world close their eyes and dream of Paris, their imaginations conjure up the delights of the Rive Gauche: from the Panthéon to the Eiffel Tower, from the Luxembourg Gardens to the Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Musée d’Orsay, come and savour the emblems of Paris Rive Gauche, living history that will touch your very soul. Its numerous neighbourhoods (Saint-Germain, Saint-Sulpice, Champ de Mars, the Quartier Latin) are among the capital’s most desirable, home to numerous museums, embassies and consulates, but also to luxury real estate of an unparalleled elegance. Discover exceptional apartments for sale in the 6th and 7th arrondissements, renovated by renowned architects and designers, or unforgettable residences and town mansions from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries with their spacious living areas and exceptional views. These unique properties, boasting fittings and materials of the finest quality, are the pride of Emile Garcin’s catalogue of luxury real estate.

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Exceptionnelle Maison d'Architecte de 750m² avec plus de 200m² de balcons, jardins et terrasses. En plein de coeur de Paris, ce lieu contemporain doit être aménagé. Il est possible d'y réaliser de nombreuses...

Price : 12 900 000 €
Ref : NEU-8416-FM

Located on the fourth floor of a stone building in the fifth arrondissement of Paris (with elevator), this apartment offers 84.50 sqm of fully renovated living area (Carrez law). Featuring high quality...

Price : 1 430 000 €
Ref : PRG-3135-SCMB

Located on the top two floors of a beautiful 19th-century building (with elevator) on the Rue de Grenelle, between the Rue du Bac and the Hotel Matignon, this magnificent apartment offers 170 sqm of living...

Price : 2 790 000 €
Ref : PRG-3119-LF

Located on the third floor of a handsome 18th century building (with elevator), this apartment for sale offers 83 sqm of living area. It comprises a reception room, an open kitchen, a bedroom with storage...

Price : 1 575 000 €
Ref : PRG-2409-LF-EP

Located on the ground floor of a peaceful 1930s building, this apartment offers 65 sqm of living area in perfect condition. Boasting spacious living areas and a ceiling height of 3m, it comprises an entry...

Price : 690 000 €
Ref : PRG-3583-MB

Located on the first floor of a 17th century building, this duplex apartment offers 128.68 sqm of peaceful living area. Boasting a double east-west exposition and delightful views over the gardens of the École...

Price : 1 895 000 €
Ref : PLM-3384-FEEP

Located on the first floor of a period building, this apartment offers 52 m² of living area in perfect condition. It comprises a reception room with open kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a separate WC. An...

Price : 890 000 €
Ref : PRG-3508-VS

Rue de Lille- Dans un immeuble 1850, au calme absolu, un appartement de 36 m² situé au 4ème étage , orienté sud-ouest, très lumineux avec vue ciel, en parfait état. Cet appartement, très bien agencé, se...

Price : 735 000 €
Ref : PRD-3636-YK

Saint Germain des Prés - Dans un hôtel particulier édifié au XVIIIème siècle, un appartement traversant et baigné de soleil, situé à l'étage noble avec ascenseur. Cet appartement avec de beaux volumes se ...

Price : 4 725 000 €
Ref : PRG-3610-MB

Located on the 4th and top floor of a handsome period building on the Place du Palais Bourbon, this apartment offers 300 sqm of living area. Its outstanding features include 8 windows overlooking the square...

Price : 6 950 000 €
Ref : PRG-2507-PC

Situé dans l'une des rues les plus agréables de Saint Germain des Prés, au 3ème étage avec ascenseur d'un bel immeuble ancien, bel appartement familial traversant sur rue et cour agencé en cinq principales...

Price : 1 680 000 €
Ref : PRG-3548-EP

Dans un bel immeuble Directoire du XVIIème siècle avec ascenseur, face au jardin du Luxembourg, ce magnifique appartement de 222 m² baigné de soleil s'ouvre sur une terrasse plantée en pleine propriété...

Price : 6 400 000 €
Ref : PRG-3578MB

Quai Voltaire / Saint Germain des Près - Dans un très bel immeuble édifie au XVIIIe siècle, un appartement "atelier d'artiste" de 234m² au sol (202 m² loi Carrez). Cet appartement baigné de...

Price : 4 100 000 € whose 5.4% TTC of fees
Ref : PRD-3451-JCMB

Located on the first floor of a delightful 18th century town mansion, this charming apartment offers 35 m² of living area, accessed via a private staircase. The main living space offers a bright lounge...

Price : 530 000 €
Ref : PRG-3078-SCJDW

Located on the fourth floor of an ancient building (with elevator), this handsome family apartment offers 152 sqm of living area (Carrez law). It comprises a living room and adjoining dining room overlooking...

Price : 2 600 000 €
Ref : PRG-2994-MGSC

Located in a delightful residential building, this superb duplex apartment offers 97 sqm of living area (Carrez law) and two landscaped gardens (60 sqm and 35 sqm). This fully renovated property is in...

Price : 2 550 000 €
Ref : PRD-3524-ISF

Located on the second floor of a beautiful 17th century building on the Ile Saint Louis, this charming apartment offers 126.29 m² of living area (Carrez law). In perfect condition throughout, it comprises a...

Price : 2 500 000 €
Ref : PRG-3550-MBSC

Located on the top floor of an Art Nouveau cut-stone building, this loft-style apartment offers 400 sqm of living area and stunning views over the central courtyard of the Louvre. It is in excellent condition,...

Price : 18 000 000 €
Ref : PRG-1272-MB

A unique cut-stone house offering 137 m² of elegant interior spaces overlooking a handsome paved courtyard. Spread over three levels, the property comprises an entry gallery, a living room, a dining room, a...

Price : 4 900 000 €
Ref : PRG-2170-NG-MB

Located on the 5th floor of a beautiful period building, this apartment offers 43 m² of living area in perfect condition. Boasting charming open beams, it comprises an open equipped kitchen, an alcove bedroom,...

Price : 585 000 €
Ref : PRG-3536-VS-FK
Résultat(s): Displaying 21 to 40 (of 66 properties)
In the interests of protecting client confidentiality, not all properties are displayed on our website.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
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