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Home to vast avenues overlooked by the looming splendour of Haussmann’s architecture and the bustling urban ambiance that gave Paris its epithet of the “City of Light”, come and breathe in the spirit of Paris’ historic Rive Droite district. Consisting of numerous unique neighbourhoods, ranging from the historic arrondissements around Les Halles – where town squares and monuments from the Middle Ages abound – to the more residential areas of the 16th arrondissement, year after year visitors find themselves entranced by the richness and diversity of the Rive Droite, as well as the effervescence of its cultural scene. From the Palais Garnier opera house to the Louvre Museum, around the Champs-Elysées and the Grand Palais, in the narrow streets of the Marais and the prestigious thoroughfare of the Rue de Rivoli, the museums, department stores, cafés, theatres and luxury boutiques that make up the beating heart of France’s capital are all waiting to be discovered. Against this sumptuous backdrop, Emile Garcin is proud to present for sale the breathtaking apartments and exclusive luxury real estate of Paris Rive Droite: cut stone buildings; prestigious residences and town mansions dating back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries; charming houses with gardens; and so much more. Featuring exclusive fittings and materials of the highest quality, these unique properties will delight even the most demanding tastes.

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Appartement 2 pièces 37 m². Quartier des Enfants Rouges (proche Musée Picasso) . Clair et ensoleillé (exposition Sud) - Vue dégagée sans vis-à-vis (4 ° étage sans ascenseur). Immeuble XVIII° - Charme, poutres...

Price : 520 000 €
Ref : PLM-3774-FE

Located on the third floor of a handsome period building (with elevator), this apartment offers 166 sqm of living area. It comprises an entry hall, a living room, a dining room, an equipped kitchen, 2/3...

Price : 2 265 000 €
Ref : PRD-2586-FK

Located on the fourth floor of a beautiful 17th century building, this apartment offers 143m² of living area. In need of renovation and boasting an exclusive address, the property features a balcony affording...

Price : 2 520 000 €
Ref : PLM-3495-MM

AVENUE MONTAIGNE - In a beautiful recent building, on the 4th floor with elevator, an apartment of 47.20 sqm law square completely redecorated by an architect. It understands: entrance, stay with clear view on...

Price : 1 100 000 €
Ref : PRD-2201-NL

Located on the fourth floor of a beautiful restored building with elevator, this apartment offers 86 sqm of fully renovated living area. Boasting exceptional views of the Seine and the surrounding city, it...

Price : 1 995 000 €
Ref : PLM-3829-SC

Located on the second and top floor of a converted factory, this apartment offers 137.86 m² of living area (Carrez law, 149.19 m² total). In perfect condition throughout, it comprises a large living room with...

Price : 2 580 000 €
Ref : PRG-3659-JW-MM

Dans une rue des plus prestigieuses, au quatrième étage d'un immeuble ancien, un appartement de 3 pièces de 75 m² comprenant une réception plein sud , une cuisine US ouverte sur la salle à manger, des...

Price : 1 430 000 €
Ref : PLM-3789-FE

Located on the seventh floor of an attractive 1960 building, this apartment offers 96 sqm of living area and an 11-sqm balcony. The apartment comprises an entry hall, a double reception with east-facing...

Price : 1 595 000 €
Ref : PRD-3609-FK

Derrière un immeuble d' habitation, se cache une très jolie maison neuve en r+2 avec ses vérandas et terrasses le tout entourées d' un jardin arborée. Elle développe une surface de 220...

Price : 3 200 000 € whose 4.92% TTC of fees
Ref : PRD-3204-CJ

Between Iéna and Kleber, on the third floor of a beautiful free stone building, this apartment offers 212 m² of living area in a very good condition. The property comprises an entrance galery, a double...

Price : 2 830 000 €
Ref : 3773

Saint-James hotel/Place du Chancelier Adenauer: Located on the third floor of a beautiful residential property, this family apartment offers 257.13 sqm of living area. Accessed via an elevator, it boasts...

Price : 3 500 000 €
Ref : PRD-3758-NGO

Located on an upper level of an exclusive building just a short walk from the Place des Etats-Unis, this unique and exceptional apartment offers 249.58 m² of east-facing living area. It comprises an entry...

Price : 3 250 000 €
Ref : PRD-3572-IT

Located on the fourth floor of a 17th century building with elevator, this magnificent apartment offers 48 sqm of living area comprising an entry hall, a large living room (with parquet flooring, open beams...

Price : 885 000 €
Ref : PLM-3763-FEEP

Near the Palais de Tokyo, in a fine 1900s building, on the 3rd and 4th floors with elevator, an exceptional 475 sq. m. duplex with balconies, comprising on the 3rd floor an entrance hall, reception room,...

Price :
Ref : PRD-1044-PC

usage mixte A rehabiliter usage mixte atelier composé de plusieurs lots

Price : 1 390 000 €
Ref : PLM-3434-CIMM

Located in the peaceful surroundings of a private drive in Passy, this apartment offers 75 sqm of living area (Carrez law) on the 6th floor of a handsome Art Deco building. In need of...

Price : 1 150 000 € whose 4.55% TTC of fees
Ref : PRD-3727-YK

Situé dans un haut lieu historique, dans un havre de tranquillité, un espace pouvant être utilisé en appartement, en espace de réception ou en bureau de prestige. En rez-de-chaussée d'un immeuble entièrement...

Price : 1 024 000 €
Ref : PLM-3411-FE

Boasting a prestigious and historic location, this peaceful property could be used as an apartment, a reception venue or an exclusive office. Located on the ground floor of a fully renovated building less than...

Price : 1 024 000 €
Ref : PLM-3711-FE

Located on a private road, this attractive late-19th century town mansion offers 459 sqm of living space spread over 5 floors, featuring a neo-gothic style cut-stone façade. It is in need of certain works,...

Price : 4 500 000 €
Ref : NEU-8433-FM-EP

Dans un bel immeuble en pierre de taille, un appartement de 30,90 m² Loi Carrez et 37,40 m² habitables situé au 6ème et dernier étage (ascenseur jusqu'au 5ème) comprenant une entrée, un salon avec une...

Price : 930 000 €
Ref : PRG-3671-JWSC
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In the interests of protecting client confidentiality, not all properties are displayed on our website.
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