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Oyster farmers unloading their catch for the day, wooden huts perched on stilts, the Cap-Ferret lighthouse, and pleasure boats emerging from the shadows of Landes Forest: Arcachon Bay, the premier tourist destination in the Aquitaine region, is renowned far and wide for its picturesque charm. Arcachon itself, an ancient spa town much coveted by monarchs throughout Europe and historically a holiday destination of great prestige, offers a unique architectural experience, the heritage of its gloriously multi-cultural past. Constructed in the 1860s and emblematic of the “picturesque” movement, the extravagant villas of the so-called “Winter City” feature an abundance of different architectural elements, borrowed from a variety of styles (Moorish, Anglo-Chinese, Basque…). Their beauty is unveiled like theatre scenery against an enchanting backdrop of greenery, guaranteed to captivate the onlooker. Thanks to Emile Garcin’s catalogue of luxury real estate, unique abodes adorned with parquet flooring and stained-glass windows, spacious rooms and large windows and doors, are within your reach. At Arcachon Bay you will find so much more than just property; these are veritable works of art and history, sumptuous examples of picturesque architecture and unique of their kind in France.

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